Come pause a minute,

Sit with me awhile,

and share your thoughts...

04 May 2016

Some thoughts...

To make the best of what I have
To make the most of every situation
To light candles and sip wine any time of the day
To dance in the rain
To wear purple


To ensure -
Cultured speech
Civilized behaviour
Aesthetics in daily life

02 May 2016

Once again...

Harsh, cold, clinical, self-centered words
Have sprinkled ash on my heart
Leaving it writhing in pain....
It happens so often

Only, this time, it seems once too much...

The colors of my world have got buried
Under the cold ash
And the irrepressible colors of the landscape of my heart
Have turned to bleak - black - white - grey...

And then, once again, my backbone straightens

I am forced to stand and throw my shoulders back
Raise my eyes and look straight....look up
Scrub the pain down and clean my heart
So that bright colors can find their reflection anew...

I may be a little more bashed up, a little more pared
A little more cautious, a little more reserved
A little more quietly alone
But, I have got to my feet.......once more....

29 April 2016

Continuing on the previous post...

The sad/bad/painful/hurtful things that happen to us eventually make us stronger people. I'm not talking about rape and plunder and devastation and wilful killing....These are unforgivable crimes and I don't even know how we can deal with these, if at all we can, that is,....I'm talking about the daily hurts and setbacks one faces. Sometimes we can deal with them, but sometimes they tend to break us and sometimes, they do break our backs. The Kabbalah says these sad/bad/painful/hurtful things happen in order to create space for the Light to enter our beings which have got all dark and scary. I do believe they happen because we do need things that will make us stronger people. Why? So that we may enjoy this gift of life more, so that we may make the most of our own inner gifts and talents, so that we may appreciate more the happy/good/joyful/healing things that do happen. Learning to accept that the sad/bad/painful/hurtful things are as much a part of life as the happy/good/joyful/healing things will make it easier for us to stay on an even keel, not blame anyone, especially our parents and siblings for having put us through sad/bad/painful/hurtful experiences, not rail at God asking how He can let sad/bad/painful/hurtful things happen to His children, not curse our fate, not generally freak out....

If we say that happy/good/joyful/healing things elevate us, then the sad/bad/painful/hurtful things happen so that we can appreciate the happy/good/joyful/healing things and in the dealing with the sad/bad/painful/hurtful things become stronger and better people.

Quoting from Brené Brown:

Rising strong after a fall is how we cultivate wholeheartedness in our lives; it's the process that teaches us the most about who we are.


The resilient has some form of spiritual life rooted in love and belonging - be it communion with nature or meditation practice or the reverence of art or the divinity of solitude.

27 April 2016

I was brought up...

not to see the dark side of things. My Dad shielded me from everything that could, remotely even, be hurtful. Unrealistic! My Mum always said my Dad was setting me up for trouble later in life. Prophetic words came true.

I've struggled to understand why. My DD has stood by me through it all. She still does....

Recently I came across this from Neil Gaiman and the veil of un-understanding lifted...

He says: If you are protected from dark things then you have no protection of, knowledge of, or understanding of dark things when they show up.

While dealing with this, I also came across these wonderful words of comfort. Strength-giving words....

It is when life bends us to its will and we don’t break that we learn what we are made of.

What grants life its beauty and magic is not the absence of terror and tumult but the grace and elegance with which we navigate the gauntlet.

25 April 2016


is teaching me many lessons.

One, one can spend hours there without talking to anyone...there is a great sense of peace that slowly pervades the whole body. And the sense of achievement for every teeny bit of cardio exercises/weights's a warm fuzzy!!

Second, climate control hardly matters...we have fans in our gym, but often we are so engrossed in our exercising that we forget to switch them on...

Third, that dreadful feeling of self-consciousness vanishes, because we are not alone on this journey of physical fitness. There are others working out, there's music, and there is the occasional sound of laughter...There is a silent camaraderie without criticism or teasing or making fun of anyone. All body shapes and sizes are accepted....and as we go through our punishing schedules, there is only a sense of comradeship.

Fourth, one is not struggling alone. The instructor and trainer are there to check on how we are doing, mark our progress, increase or maybe decrease our weights and exercise time, and regulate what we are doing or have to do next. They also encourage us when we are struggling, and stand by us, cheering us on to get to the end...but they don't cut down on anything. We have to finish what we are doing...They are also around in case we sprain a muscle or feel unwell.

Fifth, one learns a lot about oneself. A great deal that we never knew or imagined about ourself is revealed. For that matter, qualities that we never dreamed we had pop up. Of course our self-confidence gets a boost, but more importantly, questions that we had hitherto buried deep inside of ourselves surface....and then there is no alternative, but to face them, deal with them and then work out what to do about them. We also learn that we can deal with muscles that are screaming in protest, increased heart beat, sweat pouring off us, and tears of frustration and pain.....

I'm totally loving this rigorous training of the is making me stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

My grateful thanks to my DD for insisting I join a gym...

22 April 2016

Some things to do...

just for ourselves...

This is especially for those of us who tend to stand in judgement on ourselves every time we slip up, and then spend hours condemning ourselves and painfully trying to find out why...

I got this from a post on the Tiny Buddha website.
  • Slow down
  • Look inward
  • Ask myself questions and listen for answers
  • Seek new solutions
  • Be kind and patient with myself
  • Value my opinion
  • Trust in my instincts
  • Embrace my sensitivity
  • Forgive my mistakes
  • Quiet my inner critic
  • Give myself a voice and allow myself to speak
By doing this---

*I am heading towards healing, helping, supporting, and empowering myself.

*I start paying attention to what I need in all areas of my life instead of ignoring, avoiding, or neglecting those needs.

*I start speaking to myself, seeing myself with kindness, forgiveness, fairness, encouragement, and patience, and treating myself so.

We tend to forget we are our only true friend...

20 April 2016

You will never be heard...

if you are always speaking, or if you are filling the air with a barrage of unspoken words....Either way, there is an absence of silence.

Complete stillness of the mind is silence and for this to happen we have to thoroughly and effectively empty our mind. If there is even one word, it will ping on the walls of our mind and generate more words.

Just with the force of your own self you can silence your mind. This will keep your mouth also shut. The resulting silence will heal and bless your soul.

Huxley compares Beethoven's and Mozart's music with Wagner's. While Beethoven and Mozart use the silence of rests/pauses to bring out the beauty of their music, Wagner's is a 'ceaseless torrent' of notes. Beethoven and Mozart generate beautiful words in our hearts, but Wagner cannot be heard since his music is 'always speaking'.

So many words only end up exhausting us physically and emotionally, and depleting us spiritually.

Empty your mind of words and listen to the Benedictus in Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis.

Once again, we have to WANT this, for this to happen. We also have to be determined to practice this till it becomes a part of us...